Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letter from James Cameron to President Lula of Brazil about the Belo Monte Dam project

James Cameron
You have a great opportunity, as a world leader, to take decisive action in the immediate short-term to demonstrate Brazil's commitment to these vital issues. I am referring to the Belo Monte Dam project, which will undergo bidding on April 20. I believe strongly that this project should not go forward, and I appeal to you on the basis of logic and compassion, to intercede to prevent its progress.

Photo courtesy of Andre Penner/AP


  1. Thanks for focusing on this vital issue that doesn't get much coverage otherwise.

  2. ^ Thanks, Paul.

    It's a very sad and frustrating situation! :(

    Belo Monte is bad for the Amazon rainforest, it’s bad for the indigenous people living along the river, it’s bad for the fish and wildlife that live in and along the river AND it will be one of the most inefficient dams in the history of Brazil. All this destruction at the cost of 11 billion US dollars??!!!!

    And this is only the beginning.... more and more dams will be built. I'm afraid it's only a matter of time.

  3. Also, I applaud James Cameron for speaking out. It's very important! Hopefully, the Brazilian government will delay the actuation and listen to the indigenous people. I don't see that happening, however. President Lula seems determined to move forward with the project at any cost.