Thursday, January 21, 2010

Avatar: Should Brazil Ban the Film?

The Brazilian government bears some resemblance to the movie's corporate raiders. Its plans to sell off the mighty river to the highest bidder will result in forced evictions and drastic disruptions of cultures and livelihoods of tens of thousands of people. The Amazon is as threatened as the Na'vi's land, and many Amazonian tribes have made it clear they will fight for their homelands.

Photo courtesy of AP/20th Century Fox


  1. Oh, come on, give me a break! Who do you think will end up ruining the Amazon forest? The English and the American people! This is what you did to Iraq in order to get their oil. You killed, and have been killing thousands and thousands of innocent people, including a lot of children, pretending that you were "fighting for freedom" (whose freedom anyway?), when all you wanted was to take hold of their oil. And now it's the Amazon forest time. Our gold, diamonds, uranium is there, just waiting for your greed. You that have been brainwashed since early childhood into thinking that you were the saviors of the world. Well, surpriiise, you're not! Stop being aloof, study, look for real information! There are a lot of American and British corporations extremely interested in our resources up there. Prince Charles has visited Brazil several times, very "concerned" about the indigenous people. He conquered a vast territory "for the indigenous people". He only forgot to say that the area he chose to defend is the richest one, not only in Brazil, but also in the planet, with a lot of gold, diamonds and uranium. They pretend they are interested in "saving" the indigenous people, but what they want there is a completely different thing. Stop being so patriotic and get real. Being so patriotic sometimes make people very blind! You're not saints, believe me!

  2. Continuing:

    By the way, Avatar is an excellent movie because it shows exactly what is happening in the Amazon forest today. The only difference is that, currently, you are "defending" the indigenous people from the "evil" Brazilians. But soon the situation will change, just wait and see. The "reserves" have been marked along our borders, close to the rich areas. Why do they have to be located close to the borders? Because this is a war strategy: in case of an invasion, if the our reaction turns to be too strong, there is always the option of entering the area through the other countries, like Colombia, Venezuela and Guiana (former British Guiana). Why do you think your country is installing military bases in Colombia? To fight drugs? Hmmm, I doubt it. Don't be naive. Why SEVEN military bases? Weird, huh?
    Look at the map os the "reserves" in the Amazon Forest: (most of them are located in our borders, or close to them, as you can see by yourself).
    The Amazon forest area surrounded by Colombia, Venezuela and Guiana (British Guiana) is the most desired one. You'll see that I'm not lying. Well, it your media lets you learn anything about it, which I doubt...but there's always the Internet.

  3. Look what your American companies ADM, Bunge and Cargill are doing to our Amazon forest:

    "The Rainforest Agribusiness Campaign is challenging one of the fastest growing threats to the world’s tropical forests: the rapid expansion of industrial agriculture. Fueled in part by the growing demand for biofuels, U.S. agribusiness giants ADM, Bunge and Cargill are establishing soy and palm oil operations in some of the planet’s most biodiverse forests. Soy has become a major contributor to deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest and its surrounding wooded savanna, the Cerrado, while palm oil plantations are expanding at a rate of 2.5 million acres per year into the tropical forests of Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. Learn more..."

    You spoke too much, too soon: maybe the film Avatar should be banned in the USA, not in Brazil.