Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jobs, economics complicate Brazil's Amazon fight

Soy farm in Mato Grosso

A few decades ago, Mato Grosso — "thick forest" in Portuguese — was covered by jungle. Today, it is an endless plain of soy farms and meatpacking plants that resembles the American Midwest.

[Photograph by: Rhett Butler/Mongabay]


  1. Most of the Brazilian population maintains zero deforestation. As a biologist I believe that even if the cures for these diseases are not here. Biodiversity and the environment are sufficient arguments to keep the forest standing. The problem is that the population in surrounding areas is very poor, and would need to find a way these people can make money without having to deforest. I believe initiatives such as Project Piaba, which you can read more here: and development of tourism in the region.

    We tend to think that deforestation occurs in an irregular manner, without knowledge of the authorities, and that's not true! The Brazilian government would be able to stop deforestation, but it would bring economic harm and that is not an advantage. Now in 2010 we will have elections and if we elect Marina Silva by Green Party, I'm sure that deforestation will fall much more!

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