Sunday, October 4, 2009

Causes of Deforestation in the Amazon (2000-2005)

Causes of Deforestation in the Amazon
This graph shows that over 90% of deforestation in the years 2000 through 2005 was due to cattle ranches and small scale agriculture.

[Graph (with data) by: Advantage Trim & Lumber]


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  2. Strange, you wouldn't expect the main cause of deforestation to be cattle ranching. I would have expected it to be logging, or agriculture.

  3. You wouldn't expect the main cause of deforestation to be cattle ranching and agriculture because Green Peace and other "not for profits" make hundreds of millions of dollars deceiving people and scaring them making people think the world is going to end if you don't donate money to them right now.

    Green Peace makes more money from their save the whales campaigns then the entire whaling industry alone produces. They could give that money to whalers and have them be whale researchers and observers that would monitor whales. But if they did that then they would not receive donations anymore because there is no problem anymore. However if they have pictures of a whale being slaughtered and tell people there are going to be no more whales left then that drives millions in donations, the logging industry is the same. Show people with chainsaws cutting down trees, tell people all the trees are being wiped out and you get millions of dollars. Do not show them the data from NASA that shows deforestation in the Amazon is at an all time low because that's not good for donations instead lie to people so you can get more donations.